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Lorenzo Cella

Software Engineer and Entrepreneur


things I have done

ProjectStartedDescriptionWhat happened
Out Of Order T-shirts2013?Clothing brandMade few t-shirts for myself and a website. Shut it down.
StudiareVeloce2014?Blog about studying fast and efficentlyShut it down.
Bolt Motion2015Electric Skateboard companySold 500 Bolts, and closed it after 6 years.
Volkswagen Van2017/8?Converted a van into a camperRemained in Italy, I used it in summer for travels
LorenzoCella2018Personal website and blog
Enz Bars2020Creative outlet for photography
Skateboard Elettrico2021Static niche educational site, electric skateboards focusedWork in progress.
AvailableOnTeams2021A program to make you appear always available on Microsoft Teams, even when you are away from the pc. This way you don't have to be at your pc at all times. Your boss and collegues will think that you are working.Currently the product is not working cause my PC broke down.
RotoSnap2022A Saas for 360 degrees product visualization.Beta is available on the website. Never really finished.
DublinInvesting2023A tool to find the best rental properties for investment in Dublin.Website is live, not getting any traffic.
DokuBot2023A ChatBot that knows your documentation.Beta.
PizzaGPT.it2023A ChatGPT alternative for Italy (after ChatGPT was closed for italian users on 1st April 2023).Launched and got viral.