My Home Office Desk Setup

My desk setup.

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I recently moved to a new place. I am now living by myself in a small studio, just 8 walking minutes to the lake.

The space is limited but this is how I've set up a working space, as I'm planning to work from home most of the time.

Height-adjustable office desk - Contini - 360chf on Galaxus

I was looking for a standing desk with an electric motor with small size. I've checked IKEA's desks but they were too big and still quite expensive. Luckily I found this desk on facebook marketplace for just 200chf, and the guy that was selling it was only 200 meters from me. The size fits perfectly between my bed and the balcony door, and it has a lot of added features that came a surprise. It has a drawer within the desk, perfect for storing the laptop or keyboard

Desk Mat - Satechi Deskmate wide - 36chf on Galaxus

The only issue with the desk is the lucid finish, it gets dirty pretty easily with fingerprints and very small dust particles. The solution that I found for now is to use a desk mat. I thinks it looks very cool and feels great to work on. This mat is not very big, it fits my 13" Macbook Air and I also got a small mat to hold my pens and other accessories. Got it for 19chf on Galaxus [satechi-small]

Monitor - LG 27UL850-W (27", 3840 x 2160) - 426chf on Galaxus

This monitor is the best you can find on the market for a decent 4K monitor, with a good price. The thing that I like the most is the USB-C port: you only need one cable to share your screen, charge your laptop and connects other USB devices like a webcam, as it actss as a USB hub. One thing that I did't really like was the stand, it's height adjustable but takes definitely too much space on the desk. I ended up buying a monitor arm to replace it.

a monitor and a mabook on a desk

An entry level monitor arm to replace the bulky one that comes with the monitor. It opens up a world of possibilities and frees up the space on the desk. Supports up to 32" monitors.

Webcam - Logitech C920 - 77chf on Galaxus

This is not an amazing webcam, but I got it for free from the office. Is definitely an improvement over the built-in Macbook webcam, which is notoriously not very good (It may not be true on latest Macbooks) If I had to buy one now, I would got for the Logitech Brio or the Elgato Streamcam

Laptop - Apple MacBook Air M1 - 800chf on Galaxus

I love it. Very lightweight, great battery life, always very fast and never gets hot.

Updated Laptop: Apple Macbook Pro M1Pro

Had to update for work. With upgraded 32GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

Mouse - Logitech MX Master 3 - 90chf on Galaxus

The de facto standard for a mouse. I'm not using it that much as I like navigating using gestures on the trackpad of my Macbook Air. Recently I heard very good things about the Logitech Lift, a vertical ergonomical mouse. Edit (December 2022): I just switched to the MX Master 3S, which is a quiter version of the MX Master 3. I realized that I was not using the mouse that much because the noise was bothering me.

Blue light glasses

I use them when I'm at the computer at night to strain the eyes less. I got this pair from my local optician, but you can find them anywhere.

pens in penholder, a pair of glasses on a deskmat, in the background a window with a lamp, a plant, a book and a metal water bottle